Warm December Days

The weather here has been weirdly warm this past few weeks, or maybe it's normal but it's definitely not what I expected. When I imagined December in Michigan, I planned for 3-foot tall mountains of snow covering my backyard  and saying goodbye to any kind of outdoor fun until we moved. But I'm a true Arizona native and I'm going to admit that I have no idea what the weather's supposed to look like or when...  Anyways, the weather was drizzly and almost 50 degrees out today, so when Alex got home today a few hours earlier than usual, we all got to go on a walk and play in our backyard for a good hour! It was so fun and just what I needed after being stuck in the house for so long. Lily loved toppling down in the leaves and throwing them everywhere. It has always been a dream of mine to jump in a giant pile of leaves and I'm happy to say that dream finally came true!  

Hope you all are having an amazing week so far! Only TEN days until Christmas!!!