Before I Begin

I've wanted to start, teach, lead, create, have, build -- I don't know how to put it exactly -- an online Bible study for a long time now. I've dreamed of a community for mamas, where we can be real and honest together, where we can study God's word and embrace His will in our daily lives. 

But something has always stopped me. Who am I to teach people about the Bible, about God? I'm just me. I'm nothing special. I'm a sinner. I'm broken and messy and not in any position to tell anyone anything about how to live their life. 

Before we can start, I just need you to know that I'm not good enough to do this. I'm not sitting up here looking down on you, I'm right here with you. I don't want to come across like I think I'm the only one who reads the Bible or cares about things like that. Because honestly, I don't read the Bible as much as I should. This is my way of holding myself accountable. And maybe it can help other people, too. 

I don't think I'm in any sort of special position to tell anyone what to do, I just feel called to write and to build a community like this. And hopefully it will go well. 

Now I just need to
and go for it.