Merry Christmas from the Facistas

     This year has been such a beautiful, crazy, messy one.  We moved four times — from Michigan to Florida (January), to Phoenix (February), to Los Angeles (May), and back to Phoenix in August. We’ll be here until the summer when we’ll have one more big move to wherever Alex will do his residency! We celebrated 5 years of marriage, welcomed our second baby into the the world, and have been enjoying time as a family while Alex interviews & prepares for residency. 

     This year, I’ve been blessed to be able to stay at home with my babies while growing my business, Lily and Mama Market, in my free moments (which are rare these days). So far, I’ve sold over 500 ring sling baby carriers to mamas all around the world and I’m excited to see how things grow in the new year! You can visit the market at

     Lily turned two this March and has been growing & learning so much every day. She knows herABC’s and sings them almost constantly, sings her “Our Father” prayer all the time, is totally potty trained, and loves painting. She is super excited to start preschool next year! Lily became a big sister on October 27th when we welcomed our son, Augustine Ignatius into the family! We are all quite in love with him, but Lily is especially obsessed. He is the happiest baby and she is the sweetest big sister. We are looking forward to his baptism in January. 

     Other highlights of the year: We visited Disneyland in the summer with grandma Kristi, grandpa Michelangelo, and aunt Kara. We became members of St. Joan of Arc parish in Phoenix and are so happy to have found a church home! We visited family in Indiana in December and had such a sweet time. We’ve been able to spend a lot of time with family this year since we’ve been in Arizona for almost half of the year and it’s been so special, especially for Lily and Augustine!

     We wish you the merriest Christmas season and the happiest New Year!

With love, 
Alex, Kaitlyn, Lily,  & Augustine