Staring at the Residency Application

This is the day that I wholeheartedly believed would never come; today Alex began his residency application. I remember our first day on Dominica, after we had flown for almost twenty-four hours straight, had taken the terrifying bus ride from the airport to campus, and were shown to our tiny apartment where we'd be spending the next sixteen months. We looked out the window into the dark, mysterious feeling island, and I remember asking myself, "what have we done?" We left everyone we knew, everything we had (including my beloved cat, whom we left in the care of Alex's mom), and were alone on this tiny, scary, totally foreign island. It was New Year's eve when we arrived and we spent the next several days without shampoo or soap or food in our fridge until all of the stores opened back up on like January 5th. 

In those days, and in the months afterward, the four years of medical school felt infinite. But here we are, staring at the most intense application website that I've ever seen. Selecting hospitals and programs, calculating how much this is going to cost, and dreaming of where we'll go next. Terrifying and exciting and slightly insane, here we go.