Get your hands out of your mouth.

When Augustine was littler, he almost constantly had his hands in his mouth -- chewing on his fingers or sucking his thumb. And every time I tried to feed him, he would get impatient and try to eat his hands instead. How often and how frustrating it was. 

Get your hands out of your mouth.  Let me feed you. 

And though not quite literally, how often do we find ourselves doing the same thing? We try to sustain our hearts with things of the world. Fleeting moments of happiness, material possessions, we busy our lives and clutter our minds. But like a hungry baby chewing on his hand, we can't be filled. 

But we have a God who so lovingly says,

Stop trying to do everything yourself.
I have a better plan for you.
I will comfort you, I will nourish you, I will sustain you. 

We need to quiet our lives, open our hearts, get our hands out of our mouths, and let Jesus care for us.