Talking About Easter: He is Risen!

In our home, we try to weave religious education into our everyday conversations and activities. Rather than sitting down for formal or structured religious education time (although if I were a more organized mama, I know we would love that, too!), we try to bring up Jesus in whatever conversations we might have throughout the day. This encourages us as parents to deepen our understandings of our Catholic faith, to look at Christianity through the eyes of a child, and to spend quality time teaching our children about God’s truth and His Church. These conversation starters, questions, and ideas can serve as a starting point for building a faith-filled home for ourselves and our children!

Starting the Conversation: Easter! He is Risen!

Easter is the season we celebrate Christ's Resurrection, His power over death, His formation of the Church, His forgiveness of our sins. The season of Easter is one of the most beautiful and joyful times of the liturgical year! 

For each liturgical season, I like to make up a list of conversation starters and tack it to the wall or hang it on the fridge. Throughout our day, I'll ask a question here or there to keep the conversation going about whatever season we are in. It is an easy way to continually bring Christ into our daily life and to encourage learning about our faith. Here are some questions I came up with for the Easter season. 

  • What is Easter all about?
  • How do you feel when we say, "He is Risen!"?
  • What are some ways that we can celebrate Easter?
  • Do you know how many days long Easter is?
  • At Mass: How is the Church decorated during Easter? What color is the priest wearing? What is your favorite part of Mass? Would you like to pray with me?
  • What is your favorite part of Easter? My favorite is _____.
  • On Divine Mercy Sunday (the Second Sunday of Easter): Do you know what mercy is? How can we show mercy to others? What are some ways that God has shown mercy to you? 
  • On the Ascension of Our Lord (the Seventh Sunday of Easter): How would you feel it you had seen Jesus ascending into Heaven? How do you think Jesus felt to go back to Heaven? How do you think his Apostles and Mary felt? Pretty crazy, right?
  • Getting ready for Pentecost: Do you know what Pentecost is all about?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Would you like to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit together?
  • Read Acts 2 & talk about the descent of the Holy Spirit: How did the Apostles act when they were filled with the Holy Spirit? What do we need to do now that we have the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit help us? 

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