An 11pm Prayer for My Babies

My children are notorious for staying up late into the night. Our family's "bedtime" is something we intentionally keep flexible because our life is always changing, and there are several times I have been thankful that Lily and Augustine are so easy-going when it comes to being out late and falling asleep wherever we might be. Like, when we go out to sushi at midnight and nobody has any meltdowns & I feel like quite the cool mom. 

That being said, there are some nights where we find ourselves at 11pm and we are all so tired but the kids just will not go to sleep. These are the times when I get so incredibly frustrated & want to pull all my hair out & vow we will go to bed at 7pm every night from now on.

And I am usually not self aware or controlled enough to focus my thoughts on prayer in these moments (or hours), but if I were to pray, it would be something like this.

praying for my children when it's way past their bedtime

"Lord, I thank you for the beauty, joy, and fullness of this day. Thank you for these little lives that you've trusted me to care for. Please fill me with your strength and help me persevere through bedtime, and please overwhelm them with your peaceful rest. Let me speak in softness and kindness and reflect your Divine Mercy as these little loves prepare to sleep. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.