Our "Words" for 2017 - For Our Whole Family

We are (fingers crossed) finally recovered from all of our travel and sickness from December and since it's still technically January, I thought I'd sit down and reflect on a "word" for myself for this year. While I was writing, I also wanted to choose a word for my loves. Something to keep in mind as I'm caring for them and walking alongside them in this year. I imagine it will be fun to look back at the end of the year, and maybe it will even turn into a little tradition for our family. 

Mama // Devote. I'm tired of doing most things in my life with only half of my heart. This year, I'm committing to putting down roots (both figuratively and literally, perhaps starting a garden) in Indiana and making our house - even though it's a rental - into home. I'm also going to try to do one thing at a time and give my full attention to whatever I'm working on or whoever I'm spending time with. I'm going to try to develop some sort of religious devotion this year - like to the heart of Mary or the Divine Mercy? I'm also going to try to be more consistent with my writing and making up some sort of schedule and sticking to it. Sounds ambitious but setting goals at least gives me a direction to move towards. You know? 

Dada // Survive. First year of residency? All we can hope for is to get through it as best as we can. Next year we'll move on to trying o thrive but first year is about making it through, learning as much as possible, and setting the foundation for the rest of his doctoring life. 

Lily // Play! She asks me about a hundred times to play Barbies with her or to make believe with her. We go through a few different scenarios almost daily: I'm the doctor and she's pregnant so we need to deliver her baby (complete with a stuffed animal in her shirt and an occasional request for a C-Section), then after the baby is born I usually have to pretend I'm the daddy meeting my baby for the first time. She also loves pretending to be a princess at Disneyland and I get to be a little girl (of course we have to find the Disney autograph book and our pin trading lanyard) who "never saw the princess before". She has such an imagination and it's so fun to experience her mind at work. 

Augustine // GO! This is one of his favorite words and something he yells almost constantly. He is obsessed with footballs and soccer balls and shouts GO! whenever he sees them. He also knows the baby sign for "please" so whenever he wants something he will point to it, rub his belly, and yell Go! (Especially when he wants to nurse). But this word is really so fitting because he is such a little adventurer. He's always getting into mischief and exploring the world around him; the absolute worst is being confined or still, so you can imagine how much of a joy it is for him to sit in the car seat or shopping cart. I'm so excited to see where he'll GO! this year. 


Do you have a "word" for this year?
What about your children or your spouse?


PS These photos are from our visit to Arizona at the site of Alex's mom & step-father's future home! They found some desert mistletoe and cholla bark and made us this sweet Arizona bouquet.