6 Podcasts for the Catholic Mama

A few months ago, I discovered the glorious wonderful amazing world of podcasts. A friend of mine had actually launched a podcast of her own (Hi, Summer!) and as I scrolled through the 'religion & spirituality' charts (my favorite topic), I was amazed at how many free + beautiful resources there were, just waiting to be discovered & downloaded! 

 I started subscribing and listening to podcasts in the car and in the kitchen, and it feels like my quality of life has quadrupled (not to be dramatic). I've been wanting to share some of my favorites, especially for the Catholic mama.

I've been encouraged, inspired, informed, and even felt such a sense of community by listening along and connecting with different resources offered by these hosts (Facebook groups, social media conversations, free downloads, and more).

And since that's my goal at Lily & Mama, it brings me so much joy to share them with you!
I hope you'll take a listen and let me know what you think! 

6 Podcasts for the Catholic Mama


Coffee and Pearls

A friend of mine introduced me to Coffee and Pearls a few months ago and I've been so blessed to listen to it. Hosted by Sterling Jaquith, author of Catholic Mom Challenge, this podcast focuses on helping Catholic mothers "strive for sainthood in everyday life". Episodes are fairly short, easy to listen to, and packed with practical reflections and tools for making the most of our time and resources.
Learn more & listen here. 

Among the Lilies

Hosted by the lovely Cameron Fradd, Among the Lilies is a podcast for "women who are tired of pretending and ready to be real". In each episode, Cameron and a friend - usually another lady but not always - discuss topics from authentic friendship and community, infertility and loss, to anxiety and weakness.  If it's something interesting and relevant to the Christian woman, they're going to talk about it. I feel like I need to be friends with her and so do you.
Learn more and listen here.

Pints with Aquinas

This is the only podcast on our list that isn't hosted by or created for women, but I'm including it because I'm a firm believer that mothers should be informed and equipped to share their faith. We are, after all, the primary catechists for our children! Pints with Aquinas covers philosophical and theological issues of our Catholic faith in a way that's easy to follow and even entertaining (yes I did just use the word entertaining to describe philosophy and theology). Go ahead and listen - you'll be glad you did. 
Learn more and listen here.

The Right Heart

Hosted by Erin Franco of Humble Handmaid, The Right Heart podcast was created to "to bring my listeners solid guests and great conversations about what it means to be a Catholic Christian in today’s crazy world, and how to find meaning and hope and God in everyday life. From how to pray as a married couple, to raising a special needs child, to being a working mom, to advice for young dads, there’s a little something for everyone on The Right Heart!" I've loved listening to her & know you will, too! 

Learn more and listen here.

Fountains of Carrots

Listening to Fountains of Carrots feels like hanging out with a couple of friends over coffee. Hosted by Haley of Carrots for Michaelmas and Christy of Fountains of Home, these two friends share their experiences, joys, and struggles while discussing anything from home organization to motherhood to their favorite authors and fiction. Fountains of Carrots is refreshing and fun to listen to! 

Learn more and listen here.


The Visitation Project

While The Visitation Project hasn't released a new episode in a few months, I somehow managed to stumble upon their page and was so excited to realize that I actually knew one of the hosts! Needless to say, I felt very cool. Hosted by Rebecca Frech, Bonnie Engstrom, and Heather Renshaw, this show is one of my favorites to listen to. Their show was created to "meet Catholic women wherever they are", and they discuss topics relevant to today's Catholic woman - spiritual motherhood, Lent, modesty, the new evangelization, self care, getting more out of mass, and more. 

Learn more and listen here.




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Are you as obsessed with podcasts as I am? I don't like to use the word "obsessed" because, really?
But really though, I am slightly obsessed with podcasts. 

Leave a favorite podcast in the comments so I can give it a listen!