Best of Amazon Prime for Catholic Families

Our family has had a subscription to Amazon Prime for almost two years now and have loved it for so many reasons. It's been an investment that, in our opinion, is worthwhile because of how often we utilize it. For the longest time, I took advantage of the free 2-day shipping without realizing how many benefits are actually included in our Prime subscription. I actually cancelled it once and then signed up again a few months later once I learned about Amazon Video (which is a worthy opponent if Netflix is concerned).  Since then, I've discovered so many resources to enrich our lives in a positive and faith-affirming way! 


If you already have Amazon prime, make the most of your subscription with these recommendations…
(And if you don't have Prime yet, here's a handy link for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!)

Amazon Music

The Amazon Music app has quickly become a favorite and one that I use daily. To download it on your device, visit the App Store or Google Play and search "Amazon Music" (also find "Amazon Video" while you're there).


More from Amazon Music... 


I love listening to these recordings of the Rosary, whether I am able to participate fully in the prayers or listen along while driving or cleaning or caring for my children. It brings so much focus and perspective to my day whenever I listen to the Rosary, and I love having it playing for Lily and Augustine as yet another way to bring prayer into our everyday lives.


Sometimes I’ll turn on one of these albums when we are playing or cleaning at home and it always seems to bring so much joy into whatever we’re doing.


Amazon Video

The Amazon Video app is also available in the app store and in the Google Play store android tablets. Add these titles to your watchlist - some are entertaining and others are great resources for understanding our faith! I was especially excited when I found the series by Fulton J. Sheen on love! 

Catholic Amazon Video

Amazon Prime also has many other benefits, including Prime Reading - books, magazines, and more FREE through the Kindle or Kindle app! Do you use this benefit? Let me know what your favorites are! I did notice that The Fellowship of the Ring is available, though!  :) 

What would you add to the list? Let me know & I'll happily update it!