'tis the season

     November is all about being Thankful. We've got people making lists, photos-a-day, Facebook statuses about it, a million crafts, and more. And then, the day after Thanksgiving, all thankfulness seems to disappear and we are suddenly in the middle of the Christmas "holiday" season. December, it seems, is so busy with shopping and stressing, that there is no room left for being thankful. This doesn't make any sense at all. Shouldn't we be even more thankful for the birth of Christ than we are for Thanksgiving?

     I am struggling with this. I am finding myself wishing I had this, or that, or those. Wishing we were in Michigan already, or wishing Alex had graduated already and we were back in Phoenix for good. This is one of my major struggles in life, wishing for a "better" future. If you read this blog, you know it's basically all I talk about. Even though the present I have right now is so perfect and sweet, I spend half of my day wishing it was tomorrow, or the next day.

     And I think the Christmas season is the hardest for me, a recovering materialist, a recovering daydreamer, a recovering "online window shopper" who wishes we had a home of our own so I could do all of those projects I've seen on Pinterest. I wish Lily and I could decorate a giant Christmas tree, or drink hot cocoa out of Santa Claus mugs. But these wishes are so unrealistic for a little family temporarily living in a foreign country during Christmas. What would we do with Santa Claus mugs when it's time to move? There's no room in the suitcase, and we can't afford them anyways.

     Someday I might have these things. Or, maybe I won't. Maybe our Christmases will always be humble and modest and simple. I hope they always will be. I will learn to love it and set an example for Lily that Christmas is not about the shiny and sparkly. It's about the little baby boy who was born to save our souls.