Star Wars Party 2012

Last fall, I realized one of my best friends hadn't seen Star Wars, and I kinda freaked out. What?! You haven't seen Star Wars?! As someone who grew up going to the Star Wars premiers with fanatic parents, the idea that someone my age hadn't seen Star Wars was completely unheard of. So obviously I had to throw a viewing party.

Bantha Milk & Wookie Cookies

(milk with blue food coloring + oatmeal  cookies) 

 Han Solo's "Spice" Cupcakes

(pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting)

Death Star Cupcakes

(dark chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting) 

Asteroids and Thermal Detonators

(assorted macaroons + chocolate covered craisins)

Ewok Munchies

(fruit + caramel dip)

Chewy's Wookie Cookies

(oatmeal cookies with walnuts, craisins, and chocolate chips)

Spice Runners: "Let's just say we'd like to avoid any imperial entanglements..." 

(Han Solo's "Spice" Cupcakes all packed up for a speedy getaway)

"May the Force Be With You" Party Favors

(blow-up light sabers for the kids) 

Other treats that I didn't manage to get pictures of


"That's No Moon" Pizza

A "rancor pit" for putting hot wing bones in

Garden salad from Endor

Everyone came with their Star Wars gear on (a few people even brought their light sabers & Boba Fett helmets). It was extremely nerdy and wonderful. Overall the party was a blast and I am super excited to throw another one. We ended up only watching Episodes IV and V, so we definitely have a good reason to have at least one more Star Wars party.