Midnight Musings & Random Reflections, vol. 1

Throughout the week, I've been trying to collect random insightful thoughts that have popped into my head or lessons I've been learning from Scripture, books, blogs, podcasts, etc. I thought I'd share because it's become a helpful habit for myself to keep track of what I learn or impleoment, so I thought you might also like to hear my mini-epiphanies. Just in case I've stumbled upon any really good truths, you know? πŸ’

While putting away the laundry and trying to find enough hangers: 
Maybe I don't need more hangers, maybe I need less clothes.  

While reflecting on the story of David & Goliath:
My children are the "tiny stones" that God will use, through me, to defeat evil in the world. What an encouraging and terrifying (in a good way?) realization.  

While peacefully protesting legalized abortion & Planned Parenthood:
Being Pro-Life isn't only about protecting women and babies from abortion. Yes, that is the main focus of the Pro-Life movement, but if we claim to be Pro-Life we must also care for and work to protect ALL people from conception to natural death. 

While listening to the Mom Blog School podcast:
I'm not Luke Skywalker, I'm Yoda; my role in life is to be the guide, not the hero - in my marriage, in my vocation of motherhood, and even in my writing. This is not about me, this is about you. I'm here, you're here, how can I help? 

After a stressful and exhausting grocery store trip with my two children:
I started to think... if I'm feeling like sitting in the car and crying, how are my children feeling? I asked Lily how she felt about our trip and she opened up to me about how she felt hurt when I kept telling her to "COME ON!" and speaking to her in a mean way. I told her how sorry I was and affirmed that I shouldn't have spoken to her that way and that I'd do my best to be more kind in the future. We also talked about why I had become so frustrated - because she wasn't listening when I needed her to come with me because her brother was crying and climbing out of the cart. I also learned never to go grocery shopping during the weekend, ha! 

While listening to The Right Heart Podcast:
God chose me specifically to be the mother of my children, and you to be the mother of yours. We weren't a part of some sort of child lottery or raffle - God knew our strengths and our weaknesses and He chose, in his divine providence, to bless us with these little souls. They will sanctify us, if we let them, and we must do our best to point them back to Christ. 

We are not expected to attain perfection - that would be a cruel and impossible goal. But we are called to pick up our cross daily and walk towards Christ, however much of a struggle that may be. We were created to seek Him, to grow in Him, and to love selflessly - all of these require some level of suffering, and we as Christian mothers must embrace this. (I know this is quite hard, but it's a good thing to keep in mind.)

While drinking a glass of red wine while the children are finally asleep & the house is quiet: 
 Staying up until 1am every night writing, sewing, cleaning, midnight snacking, and drinking coffee (what's wrong with me?) is obviously not a good idea when I have two little ones who need their mama to be awake and functional during the day. I've been trying to swap my 10pm coffee + ice cream for a tiny glass of red wine and it has helped so much with winding down and sleeping well. Then I can go to bed at midnight instead of 1. And I've also been trying to pray a decade of the Rosary every night which has been such a blessing. (Wine & Rosaries FTW) 

Every time I walk into my kitchen and notice the dirty dishes:
Marry someone who knows you truly - your faults and all - and loves you regardless. Thank goodness Alex knew, accepted, and loved me despite my absolutely horrible housekeeping habits. Not a day goes by where I'm not thanking the Lord that I married someone who couldn't care less about this mess, because I'm busy doing ten million other more important things like raising our children and cultivating friendships.  But I do manage to find time to fold my pretty floral quilts, just so I can enjoy how beautiful they are. :)


Have you come across anything inspirational, motivational, or otherwise helpful this week? If so, leave a comment so we can all learn from it! And can you tell I listen to a lot of podcasts? I also love Pints with Aquinas & Among the Lilies, if you're looking for recommendations! I'm always excited to come across new ones, so if you have a favorite podcast or two - leave it in the comments and I'd love to subscribe to them as well! 

Have a blessed week mamas,